"ESCAPE Rome " is a 60 minutes eventful team-game for up to 2-5 persons in a tricky chamber. The mission is: escape form the chamber on time. How to solve it?

 It is a kind of real live escape game, so you need to find hidden subjects to escape.

 The brand new tourist attraction, the exit game has arrived to Italy, after very successful opening in London, Paris, Dubai, Moscow and Athens. If you try this game, it will stick in your mind for several days. This hour could change your life. The rooms are full with hidden secrets, tricky locks, mysteries, padlocks and more. There are a lot of visible, invisible keys, locked boxes, safe and you need to find the final code to escape.

Erasmus in Campus Card Holders will get a reduced ticket (15 euro per person).


Booking: +39 38 999 14580

Via Carlo Botta 11

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